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Tooth Extraction Without Cutting the Gum

When it comes to pulling teeth, surgeons often cut the gum (aka raise a flap) to gain access to the underlying bone and teeth. There is a belief in the surgical community that a large flap (a long cut in the gum) heals at the same time as a small flap (a short incision in the gum). Therefore, it seems acceptable to many to raise a larger flap to better observe the field of operation. It is true that a large flap heals at the same time as a small one. But, during the healing process, the amount of discomfort with a larger flap is more than a short one. We in Dr. Bral's office use techniques that do not require cutting the gum to extract a tooth altogether. In the most majority of cases, we do not cut the gum for an extraction. We have been using these techniques successfully for years with many happy patients. Our patients tell us that the extractions are quite comfortable.

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