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Frequently Asked Questions

What methods of sterilization do you employ in the office? We do heat sterilization of our hand pieces and instruments. After we rigorously clean the hand pieces and the instruments, we heat them in an oven to kill any germs they may contain. We also have a third party monitoring of our sterilization to assure the safety of our patients.

How long have you been doing braces? We have been doing braces for more than a decade. We use metal braces as well as tooth colored ones to satisfy every patient. Ask us about our unique pricing which may save you thousands of dollars.

What are implants? Dental implants are metal screws of various sizes that are inserted in the gum and the underlying tissues.  A tooth shaped crown is then fastened to the screw.  Even though dental implants may sound to be painful, they are generally less painful than pulling teeth. With our aggressive pricing, they are not painful on your pocket either.

How can implants help me? If you are missing a tooth, or you plan to extract a tooth, you may be able to replace it with a dental implant. Whether or not you are a candidate for an implant depends partly on the shape of the jaw. Before proceeding with a dental implant treatment, you should get an expert advice on its feasibility and on the type of implant that best suits your needs. Take advantage of our free consultation to determine what would be the best option for you.

How long have you been doing implants? Dr. Bral has been placing implants and restoring them since 1997 before implants became as prevalent as in today’s world. Implants constitute a viable option for many to regain their smile, self-confidence, and the ability to taste and enjoy their food without resorting to dentures. When you come for a free consultation, make sure you discuss your options with Dr. Bral for replacing any missing teeth with implants.

How painful are implants? Not particularly painful. In fact, they are more comfortable than an extraction. Dr. Bral can explain to you what techniques he would use to make your experience a positive one.

What is the difference between veneers and bonding? Veneers are porcelain facings fabricated by a dental lab and custom made for an individual tooth. They are very durable and can brighten the smile significantly. Bonding is a tooth colored resin that adheres generally to the face of a tooth to enhance its appearance. They are not as durable as veneers, but are less expensive. They can be a viable option to touch up on your smile before that special event in your life. Dr. Bral will be glad to discuss your options so you can make a more informed decision.

I have a crown on my front tooth with a dark line by the gum for many years. Is there anything I can do so that dark line does not show? With the passage of time, sometimes the gums recede revealing the margins of crowns they were hiding. The common crowns have a metal core that shows through under the white porcelain as a dark line. Unfortunately, these dark lines can be quite unsightly. Dr. Bral now offers aesthetic crowns without the metal core. These crowns remain beautiful even if the gums recede and show the crown margins.


I am scared of the dentist. That is why I neglected my teeth for a few years. Now I have a bad toothache.  Is it going to be very painful to pull it? It is our intention to make your dental visit as comfortable as possible. We will use various techniques to extract your tooth painlessly. In you free consultation, Dr. Bral will examine the tooth and suggest a suitable solution for a painless extraction.


Is there such a thing as a painless root canal? Root canals have a reputation as being painful. They can be painful when you go to the dentist with a severe or lingering pain. However, root canals can be very comfortable if you do them when there is no prior toothache. It is gratifying to see the patient’s face shining with a joyful surprise that they just received a painless root canal treatment. Who said dentistry is not fun?


I can pay for the treatment in installments. Do you have any payment plans? We at Dr. Bral’s Office have many payment options. We will be glad to discuss the payment option that best suits your needs. Do not forget to voice

your concerns at your free consultation.

With my busy schedule, I am looking for a dentist that can see me at times that are convenient for me. Can you accommodate my schedule? The majority of times we are able to give you an appointment for the same or the next day. For your convenience, we are open on Sundays during the school year. We are also open till 7 PM from Monday to Thursday. If you have a need for a special appointment time, give us a call. Our helpful staff is eager to find you the right appointment to fit your schedule.

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