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Can Your Kids Avoid Braces?

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Your Children May not Need Braces if you act on time. When children are growing their adult teeth, starting from about age 5, quite often there is inadequate space in the mouth to accommodate all the present teeth. This will lead to crowding and misaligned teeth. In such instances, the dentist can pull the baby teeth at the right time to make room for the larger permanent teeth to grow in straight. This simple, little used technique can save the working mom and dad thousands of dollars in unnecessary braces. An expert dentist should be consulted to see if your child can benefit from this technique. We have been using this technique for many years with great success. As a reminder, our office offers free consultation regarding this and other procedures we perform. We strive to help mothers avoid the expenses of braces for their children in our Journal Square family dental office. Women in the Tri-State area save thousands of dollars and countless hours they would otherwise need for appointments to tighten the braces for their children.

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